Doing Justice

The Social Responsibilities Committee is responsible to the Archbishop and was formed in August 2009 to provide appropriate and timely responses to social justice issues raised within the community, media, Church Commissions, and Episcopal jurisdictions.

The Committee consists of a Chair (The Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt, Dean, St John’s Cathedral) and up to six members from Anglican Church Southern Queensland appointed by the Archbishop.

The Anglicare Southern Queensland Social Justice research unit is funded by the Community Services Commission to provide research and secretariat support to the Chair and Committee in their role and responsibilities. This includes advice on a range of social, moral, ethical and cultural issues as required, in order for the Anglican Church Southern Queensland to be an active contributor to the proclamation of the Gospel message of social justice, reconciliation and hope.

The Social Responsibilities Committee has developed a new, interactive social justice website where you’ll find news, articles, reports and videos of parishes and schools engaged in social justice activities, as well as calendars of social justice dates for 2017.

Visit the Doing Justice Website