The Anglican Records and Archives Centre

The Records and Archives Centre was established in 1979 as the official repository of the records of the Anglican Church within the Diocese of Brisbane

Archives are important to the community because they hold many records and other information of interest to a broad spectrum of people. Such information includes local and family history, social and political history, details of special events, design of housing and other buildings, and town planning amongst other details of interest.

This information may be found in various forms and media, for example, letters, diaries, minutes of meetings and other organisational records, drafts of literary creations, scrap books, newspaper clippings, photographs, leaflets of special events, medals and other artefacts. Sometimes it is difficult to find information from a photographic collection when the relevant names of people, places and events may be missing. However, much valuable information may still be gleaned from a single identified photograph.

The Importance of Religious Archives

Religious records are more than lists of services held in churches. Since medieval times churches were considered the heart and soul of the community. The monks and priests of that era were the educated members of society. Therefore the records would reflect not just the Christian activities, but the social and cultural happenings as well.

Although the records held in the Records and Archives Centre do not date back to the middle ages, we do have a wide-ranging collection of registers, minute books, correspondence, published magazines and year books, building plans, photographs, and other historical documents and memorabilia. This broad selection of church and social history provides a wealth of information for the professional researcher or amateur historian.

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