Hospital Chaplaincy

The Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s Hospital Ministry Team provides pastoral care services to patients in over 40 hospitals across Southern Queensland. They are at the cutting edge of ministry, meeting patients and their families at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Every day, they hear words like these from patients and families:

“I couldn’t have got through this without your visits and support.”

“You have shown me that God still loves me and cares for me.”

“You have been such a blessing to me.”

For general enquiries, or to enquire about volunteering as a hospital pastoral carer, please contact the relevant coordinator in your area:

Brisbane Region – The Rev’d Canon Cheryl Selvage (based at the PA Hospital), phone 0407 585 270 or email

Gold Coast Region – Michelle Philp, phone 0409 204 489

Sunshine Coast – The Rev’d Ann Shepperson (based at Nambour Hospital), phone 0437 877 415 or email

Toowoomba – David Johnstone, phone 0408 731 303 or email

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Prison Chaplaincy

Inquiring about a prisoner or seeking for a chaplain to make a personal visit?

Anglican Chaplains are available in most correctional centres in Queensland. If you would like a Chaplain to make a visit to a relative or friend who is spending time in one of Queensland’s correctional facilities, please call the Prison Chaplaincy Coordinator, The Venerable David Lunniss on 0417 196 284 who will organise the visit to take place. For the centres where an Anglican Chaplain is not currently placed, the coordinator will arrange with a Chaplain from within our ecumenical team to make the visit.

To locate a prisoner a ‘Prisoner Enquiries Phone Line’ has been established by Queensland Corrective Services – 07 3227 6055. This service is available from 9.00am to 12.00pm and 1.00pm to 5.00pm weekdays. Alternatively, information can be accessed by the following email address:

When visiting a prisoner, certain security measures need to be undertaken. Please refer to the following Corrective Centre links for more details of location and visiting times, along with the forms and procedures for organising a visit.

Tertiary Chaplaincy

With the goal to ensure the opportunities for faith formation do not end at the completion of year 12, the Anglican Church has a number of links with various tertiary institutions within the Diocese of Southern Queensland.

At often the most pivotal intersection in young people’s lives, our chaplains are there to help provide guidance and support when students are navigating the tumultuous balance of new freedom with the responsibilities of study and adulthood.

For more information about our chaplaincy services in tertiary institutions, please contact Fang Ling Quested on 3138 2700 or


Police Chaplaincy

The mission of the Police Chaplaincy Service is to provide spiritual, welfare and pastoral support to Queensland Police Service Officers, employees, retired police and their families. This is achieved by relationship building through “walking the floor.” Chaplains also provide ministry including baptisms, weddings, funerals and blessings of new police buildings, boats and facilities.

The Queensland Police Chaplaincy Service currently has 41 chaplains engaged throughout Queensland from six Christian traditions. Ten of these chaplains are from the Anglican Church: five from the Diocese of Brisbane, two from the Diocese of Rockhampton and three from the Diocese of North Queensland.

For enquiries, please contact The Rev’d Rod Wood, Senior Chaplain (Anglican) Queensland Police Chaplaincy Service on 0417 739 768.


Defence Force Chaplaincy

ADF Anglican Chaplains are ordained and authorised Anglican priests, licensed by both the Anglican Defence Force Bishop and the Diocesan Bishop. This means that Anglican Chaplains are able to provide religious services in military contexts as well as in local parishes or for other Diocesan ministries. They also work ecumenically with other denominational Chaplains across Defence. Chaplains are tasked with facilitating religious and spiritual ministry for all ADF members, and with giving timely and compassionate pastoral care to all such members and their families.

ADF Chaplains are able to provide a wide-ranging ministry of pastoral support and care as Defence members often face difficult experiences of conflict, change and challenge. ADF Chaplains provide a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a helping hand when needed. When an ADF member speaks to a Chaplain they can be assured that, apart from life-threatening concerns, everything that is shared is confidential. Chaplains listen to, support and assist the Defence member to achieve what is best for them and their family — at work and at home.

If you want to know more about ADF Anglican Chaplaincy, or are interested in becoming a Defence Chaplain, then please contact your nearest Anglican Chaplain for an appointment and an initial conversation. Alternatively, go to the Defence Recruiting and the Defence Anglican websites and follow the links.

Anglican Chaplains are located in the following ADF establishments within Brisbane Diocese:

RAAF Base Amberley (west of Ipswich)
AIR FORCE – (07) 5361 3298
ARMY – (07) 5361 7039

Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera (Brisbane suburb)
ARMY – (07) 3332 7908 or 0437 254 487

Kokoda Barracks, Canungra (Gold Coast hinterland)
ARMY – (07) 5618 6497 or 0419 721 323

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