The Anglican Schools Commission

The purpose of the Anglican Schools Commission is to provide strategic direction and policy development to, and monitoring of, Anglican schools of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland.

The Anglican Schools Commission:

  • Promotes and provides strategic directions for education in Anglican schools
  • Develops policies
  • Undertakes strategic research and planning and provides support to Anglican schools in these activities and consults widely in the development of strategies and policies
  • Supports Anglican schools in the Diocese, their school councils, principals and staff
  • Facilitates consultation and encourages communication and co-operation among Anglican schools, between Anglican schools and the Anglican Schools Commission and with other Agencies
  • Provides liaison between the Diocese and federal, state and local governments and other relevant education bodies and agencies on matters relating to education and on matters relating to the provision of government funds and resources for non-government schools
  • Monitors the operations and financial management of all Anglican schools of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland in order to achieve the optimum development of the schools within prudent risk management framework for the Diocese.

“What should characterise an ideal Anglican school?”

Many of its qualities of course will be shared with good schools everywhere, whether run by the state or by denominational churches. An ideal school would evidence a commitment to learning, to justice, to individual achievement and to wholeness. Anglican schools will naturally value these qualities. This document seeks to define the normative features of an ideal Anglican school. In defining this distinctive ethos, the starting point has been the nature of the mother church itself on the simple assumption that Anglican schools will be like the Anglican Church.


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