Students Gain Insight Into Life On The Streets

St John’s Cathedral continues to open its doors to Anglican school students for the signature Night at the Cathedral event.

In addition to providing about 80 students with an insight into what it would be like to spend a night on the streets, the event also provides much needed funds to help homeless and disadvantaged people in the community through Anglicare Southern Queensland projects.

The latest cohort was entertained with trivia competitions, a treasure hunt and a movie before being handed a piece of cardboard to use as a mattress on the concrete floor of St John’s Cathedral.

To add authenticity to the experience, the students also participated in a competition called ‘Paper Houses’ where they made their own small houses with limited supplies, something the homeless do each night.

A Night in the Cathedral is unique because no one has ever given permission to spend the night at St John’s Cathedral. In fact, the only person who has regular access all night is the Dean of The Cathedral, The Very Reverend, Dr Peter Catt.

Schools that participated in the third edition of the event include The Southport School, All Saints Anglican School, Coomera Anglican College and the Anglican Church Grammar School. The event raised over $19,000 for Anglicare’s Homelessness services.