Refund offer to parents of students sexually abused in Anglican schools in the Diocese of Brisbane

Our Church recognises the immense courage of former students who were sexually abused in Anglican schools within the Diocese of Brisbane.

As an acknowledgement of our failures to protect children in our care, the Diocese has introduced a policy to refund the school fees of former students who were abused in our schools.

This policy is in addition to the independent advice, counselling and other assistance that the Diocese provides to those who suffered child sexual abuse. Under the terms of the policy, any person who paid the school fees of a student who was sexually abused in a Diocesan school is entitled to a full refund of school fees, adjusted for inflation.

Where there are new allegations of abuse, the Diocese will require specific information about the allegations in order to accept a claim.

The Church takes seriously all complaints of child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. We again apologise to all survivors of child sexual abuse in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane and urge them to come forward so that we can provide care, independent advice, and other assistance.

Independent legal advice on child sexual abuse matters can be obtained from knowmore, a free service established by the National Association of Community Legal Centres with funding from the Australian Government. knowmore’s phone number is 1800 605 762.

For further information about this policy, please email the General Manager below.