The Office of Professional Standards has produced the following documents, which are available for public perusal. Click on the links below to view PDF versions of these documents:

General Documents
Blue Cards


Policy – Requirements for Blue Cards or Exemption Notices



On 1 October 2016, responsibility for the administration of the blue card system transferred from the Public Safety Business Agency to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Here is a direct link to the Blue Card Services web page:


Parishes should obtain their volunteer forms direct from the Blue Card Services website. Here is the link to the relevant form – valid for applications to 30 June 2018.

BC form Volunteers

When completing the form, the organisation details are the parish name and address. The contact person is the person appointed in the parish to oversee the parish Blue Cards (usually the Rector/Priest in Charge). There is no charge for volunteers.

You can now upload a completed copy of your blue card application form or other forms through the Blue Card Services website for immediate lodgement and receipt.

Access this service from by clicking on the ‘Submit a completed form’ button on the homepage.


  • BCB form – for completion by Rectors and Priests-in-Charge, stipendiary clergy and Lay Ministers.
  • BC form – for completion by non-stipendiary, honorary and retired clergy.

Please note payment can now be made online via Blue Card Services web page. Once payment is made you can also submit your application online.


  • Link an applicant to this organisation – this form is to be completed by blue card or exemption card applicants or holders who have lodged an application or obtained a card through an organisation other than the Diocese and are now providing child-related services with a parish. It is to be used for both paid positions and volunteer positions. On lodgement of this form, Blue Card Services will notify both the parish and the person of the current status and record the parish as a new employer.
  • Volunteer to paid employment transfer form – this form is to be used when a person moves from a voluntary position to a paid position within the same organisation. Please note that the fee needs to be paid.
  • Advise Cardholder is no longer with the organisation – to be sent in if a volunteer person leaves your parish.

You will note that the Director of Professional Standards is named as the contact person on the above clergy and lay minister forms. This will facilitate any necessary liaison with Blue Card Services regarding the progress of any of the forms through the application or renewal process. Blue Card Services will contact the Director only if there is a matter which is causing delay and will request his assistance in contacting the person concerned.

The detail of the matter will not be disclosed to the Director by Blue Card Services. Blue Card Services is prohibited by law from disclosing this information.

If the progress of your application appears to be delayed, you may ring the Director and request him to contact Blue Card Services on your behalf to establish the cause of the delay. Again, Blue Card Services cannot inform the Director of the details of the matter.

To use one of the forms, simply download it by clicking on the forms name (in purple), print it, complete in the usual way with signatures and submit it to Blue Card Services.


Throughout the year, the Office of Professional Standards provides a range of training opportunities for clergy and lay Church workers. These opportunities will always be offered in a number of sites across Anglican Church Southern Queensland to ensure that as many people who wish to attend can attend. There is no fee charged for any training opportunity.

Pastoral Care and Assistance Package

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