Professional Misconduct

Anglican Church of Australia regards any professional misconduct as a serious matter and over the past few years has strengthened considerably the policies and procedures that are followed when misconduct is reported.

Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) is committed to supporting and seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse in our community. Those who suffer from sexual abuse are not only the survivor, but their families, friends, associates, the broader church community and all concerned.

With full regard to legal and ethical considerations, ACSQ will be transparent and accountable in its actions. Part of its witness to the truth will be the way in which these matters are dealt with.

The Anglican Church has appointed a Director of Professional Standards in accordance with the Professional Standards Canon.


The primary objective of the Director is:

To promote and strive to ensure a safe, supportive and ethical environment in schools, parishes and organisations of ACSQ;

Principles which guide the actions and decisions of the Director include:

  • The love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • Misconduct by a person in authority against a person under that authority, is a breach of trust and professional behaviour.
  • ACSQ recognises that persons who are subjected to sexual misconduct are harmed by the misconduct.
  • ACSQ accepts a moral obligation to help persons who were subjected to sexual misconduct even in circumstances where there is no legal obligation to do so.
  • ACSQ will respect the wishes of the survivor, subject to legal obligations and any over-riding ethical responsibilities.
  • ACSQ will publish a Protocol for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct which will be readily available.
  • To augment the Protocol, Protection Policies for schools and parishes have been developed and published to promote a safe, supportive and ethical environment.

The Director of Professional Standards is responsible for the application and monitoring of the Professional Standards Canon and the Sexual Misconduct Protocol; and will:

  • ensure the implementation of the Protocol and Policies within Anglican organisations in ACSQ,
  • implement educative and preventive initiatives throughout ACSQ,
  • receive information regarding sexual misconduct and respond in an appropriate and timely manner, and
  • advise and support parishes, schools and agencies.