In the Anglican Church, a diocese is governed by a Synod, that is, a bishop acting with the advice and consent of representatives of the clergy and laity of the diocese.

In the Diocese of Brisbane, the Archbishop calls the Synod to meet at least once in every year, to discuss, debate and decide on various matters of business such as the Diocesan budget, legislation governing the Church (i.e. ‘Canon law’), and other issues that concern the Church.

The Synod also elects people to various committees and boards in the Diocese, as well as choosing General Synod representatives (i.e. diocesan representatives in the nation Synod held at least once every four years, which brings together all the diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia).

The First Session of the 79th Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane will be held on 22, 23 and 24 September 2017 at the Anglican Church Grammar School.

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