Focus Advertising Guidelines

Purpose Statement

FOCUS is a free, full-colour magazine, published in hard copy and online, with a circulation of approximately 16,000. It is the flagship publication of the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane, also known as Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ), which includes Anglicare Southern Queensland.

ACSQ has about 150 parishes across a vast area that stretches from Bundaberg south to the border of NSW, and west to the borders of NT and SA.

The magazine provides a forum for the ACSQ community to share information on various projects, achievements and matters of interest to the Church, and the Anglican Communion.

FOCUS advertising revenue is used to support publication and distribution costs.

This advertising policy is intended to provide guidelines to advertisers about:

  • Permissible content
  • Technical requirements for advertising
  • Production values

Policy Statement

Advertising content must be accurate and suitable to people of all ages, and reflect the positive nature of FOCUS magazine. ACSQ reserves the right not to publish material that is inaccurate, misleading, discriminatory, inappropriate, or likely to cause offence.

All print and electronic advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher and must conform to the production standards outlined in this policy.

Content that is insensitive, disrespectful, antagonistic or offensive to the beliefs of Anglicans in particular, and to other religions in general, will not be accepted.

Advertising content shall not include competitors of ACSQ charities, schools or facilities without the approval of the Executive Director, Diocesan Services Commission.

ACSQ reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising material at any time, for any reason, regardless of whether it has previously been accepted for publication.

ACSQ will not be liable for any failure to publish any advertisement accepted, however, ACSQ will use reasonable efforts to place the advertisement in available space, when possible.

This policy requires that:

  • Advertising is in-keeping with Christian values.
  • Advertising is published in good faith and the advertiser agrees to indemnify ACSQ against claims or expenses resulting from publication of material provided by the advertiser.
  • Advertising must be provided in a suitable format at least four business days prior to the publishing deadline, unless permitted by the Managing Editor.
  • The position of advertisements is at the sole discretion of the Managing Editor, unless there is a specific agreement regarding position and loading.
  • Additional costs (loading) will be charged for advertising on the back cover, and pages 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. Please refer to the most recent advertising rate card.
  • Advertising will not be accepted on the front cover, Reflection page, Spotlight page, or the page that contains the Archbishop’s foreword.
  • ACSQ’s logo, ‘ACSQ’, “Anglicare’ or the word ‘Anglican’ may not be used in advertisements without the written permission of the Managing Editor.
  • Images of children will not be permitted in advertising without the prior consent of a parent or guardian, or unless the photograph is a stock image.
  • Advertising must not contain personal or private information of individuals.
  • Advertisers will be provided with advertising rates details, a reasonable deadline, and an electronic edition of the magazine which contains the relevant advertisement after publication.
  • Advertisements must be from a registered business, unless they are to appear in the community notice page.
  • Advertisements will be confirmed and invoiced upon receipt of a booking form. Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. New bookings will not accepted if payment is outstanding beyond 28 days.
  • Should payment not be received, ACSQ reserves the right to hold the advertiser, or relevant agency, liable for outstanding monies.
  • Advertisements created by the ACSQ design team may be at additional cost to the advertiser.
  • Advertisements created by the ACSQ design team remain the copyright property of ACSQ and may not be re-published without the written permission of the Managing Editor.
  • Advertising space is to be limited to 40 per cent of the total publication.
  • There will be a maximum of six electronic banner advertisers per position on ACSQ’s website.
  • Advertisers may change banner artwork within a contracted time period with reasonable notice.
  • Advertisers with expired content are required to re-supply artwork ASAP or risk non-appearance of advertising material.
  • ACSQ is not bound by any condition that conflicts with conditions stipulated in the rate card.

Guidelines for delivery of content from advertisers

  • Focus will accept material as high resolution PDF via email, electronic transfer or CD. No responsibility is accepted in the printed copy for receipt of low quality resolution material.
  • Supplied advertising that requires production or design work may incur a production charge in excess of $100.
  • Minimal DPI requirements for images at 300 DPI at 100% is acceptable.
  • Minimum LPI requirements for files, type size, and line screen are 6 point type size.
  • PMS or RGB colours will be automatically converted to CMYK.


Relevant Legislation / By-Laws / Standards


Privacy Act 1988


Information Privacy Act 2009
Defamation Act 2005